Thank you, Panelists!

Thank you to the wonderful panelists who served on tonight’s symposium after the screening of “Between Two Worlds.” They are, left to right: Rabbi Howard Zacks of Congregation Torat Emet; Susannah Sagan of OSU Hillel; moderator Gigi Fried; Alan Finkelstein, executive director of JCCA; and Larry Moses of the Columbus Jewish Foundation.


1 Response to “Thank you, Panelists!”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    November 16, 2011 at 12:34 AM

    Very interesting discussion after the movie. I found the documentary thought-provoking and interesting. The panel discussion was informative. I would be interested in hearing an Israeli’s point of view after seeing this movie. I know there were several present.

    One of the elephants in the room was the assimilation of young Jewish people into American society. It was touched upon in the panel discussion. In my opinion, it’s a big problem.

    The only hope is that Judaism has lasted for centuries, so it probably will survive…somehow.

    As for the fact that people in Columbus won’t discuss the issues because we are so well-mannered , nice, and are only interested in football….I would wait a few months. I’m sure the anti-semitism will work his way to middle-America. Give it a little more time. The football season will be over soon.

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